And it begins – Friday 10/02/2017

As this is my first post I’m going to give you a few songs to give you a feel of what I’m listening to.

Let’s us begin……..

Trampled By Turtles – Wait So Long
I first heard this song at a shit job 5 years ago. Now the job was shit but the people I met there are some of my closet friends, to the extent that I’m best man for one in a couple of months. We used to put this on in the shop and have a great ho down, picture hillbillys with straw hats and dungarees and that was us.
It will make you tap your foot and grab someone to do-see-do but it’s lyrics are a tale of missed opportunities and how insignificant we are. “I’m just a raindrop in a river, just a little bitty grain of sand” resonate to make you feel small but juxtaposed to the rhythm of blue grass you can’t help but feel good after this 3:26 masterpiece.

Dusky feat. Wiley – Sort It Out Sharon
Moving swiftly on to an absolute banger now, turn your bass up, wind your windows down and throw up some bad man hand signs (my love for ironic urban slang use should not be misconstrued as me being anything other than a middle class white man). This first came to my attention but ultimately slipped under my radar from my other love, football, when adidas used it in their blah blah blah ad back in the summer (2016).
Fast forward 5 months and on a trip to see Aston Villa disappoint (I’m not a villa fan) Jonny Dickfingers, the only man I let control my music when I’m driving puts this on. Hearing properly for the first time made me instantly jealous that I wasn’t the one sharing this song to everyone in the car but that’s why I let him dj……..sometimes.

Sundowners – Great Beauty
The joy of working nights mean I get to hear more independent music and discover little gems, from this Merseyside band. A swooping guitar laden track with a majestic duelling vocal harmony, give this song a sixties feel but with an intense modern indie twist.
Sit back turn the lights down and drink it all in.


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