Friday Feels

Ryan Adams – Do You Still Love Me?

Off the new album Prisoner, this is a soft a rock with hints of synths melded into a song tinged with regret and hints of heartbreak. A reflection we all have at some points in our life while staring out of the window onto a raining dark night while drinking. However bleak the lyrics may seem, I can’t help but sing a long to a chorus constructed for arena level gigs. Throw in a guitar solo and this song brings a smile to the face, even if it pulls on the heart strings.

Do you still love me
Linkin Park & Kiiara – Heavy

For those of us old enough to remember Hybrid Theory coming out and launching the new wave of nu-metal, this is a far cry fro, those screaming roots. At first I dismissed this as nothing more than Transformers needing a new song for its upcoming film but to my surprise after a few more plays it has grown on me. I mean I can’t see me revisiting this in 3 years time but for a radio friendly unit shifter it ticks the box. Kiiara’s vocals blend well with Chesters. Part of me will always long for the raspy screams of “one step closer” but I guess we shall have to wait and see if new album One More Light can take me back to my 16 year old days of moshing with baggy jeans and skate wear.

A Surgeon – Ready Or Not (feat. The Fugees) [remix]

For those of you lucking enough to be finishing for the weekend, put this on LOUD and party into the night. Drum & Bass nostalgia mixed with timeless Ready Or Not will get you going for whatever your weekend plans. Just.Listen.Loud!!!

Ready or not


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